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IT Law

IT Law refers to the law covering the use of computing in its many forms. It includes contract law, negligence, e-commerce, intellectual property, commercial and corporate law, data protection and regulatory provisions effecting the various parties' freedoms to construct and enter contracts. IT Law thus is a collection of areas of law whose boundaries are unclear.
 Our legal advisors bring together these separate areas of law to deliver well-rounded, knowledgeable commercial legal advice.

Our IT Lawyers

Our strength is the ability to apply diverse areas of law to commercial interests and objectives. With this integrated approach, combing our legal experience and technical expertise, we offer an approach which is difficult to match in the Computer sector.

Our Experience

Our team is made up of individuals from different backgrounds who have worked in retail, telecommunications, information technology, hardware and professional services and insurance industries, to name a few. We have also advised businesses engaged in leisure, financial services, technology and media, consulting, medical, business services and product distribution which gives us insights from a range of industries and interests for our clients' transactions across the board.


In the process of doing so, we know the issues to be addressed in agreements dealing with technology related subject matter.


Our understanding of technology issues allows us to take care of your business computing requirements properly and have the best chance of recovering computer compensation for you.


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