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Disaster Recovery

free disaster recovery

By its very nature, disaster recovery needs to be both fast and effective.

If DLM take on your case, it will also substantially be FREE to you. 

How can we do this?

We have created an innovative concept for IT disputes, which involves a structured process.

  1. We offer a FREE IT consultation with an experienced IT consultant followed by
  2. FREE Legal advice session with a qualified legal practitioner
  3. When we are clear that you have a case for us to pursue, we will ask you to sign our documentation accepting our fees and procedures and funding arrangements.
  4. Now we can set our IT experts to work efficiently for you
  5. Our IT experts will document the extent and cause of your IT disaster
  6. They will then work to quickly resolve your computing problems
  7. We will resolve your dispute and reclaim costs from the offending parties, their insurers or yours. 

Experience matters

computer disaster recovery

To make sure that you are properly advised and assisted at all times, our professional team are highly qualified and experienced.

They carry millions of pounds of professional indemnity insurance
All insurance is backed by Lloyds of London

We have in depth experience of all IT areas, from ADSL to Zimbra, Mobile Telecoms to  Server Clustering.
We have experts with clients in the private, University, Business, NHS, Government and Off-shore sectors.

In short, if it's computing, we've seen it, done it and possibly even wrote the code.


disaster recovery

Our experience with a wide range of IT installations allows us to confidently offer a high quality computer security solution that will keep your company computer assets secured, ensuring that the worst can't happen to you.


Image 14All of our IT services are covered by the British Computer Society Code of Practice. If you are not happy with our IT services there is a clear process to resolve your issue.